Fertiliser Production

Do you like your plants? Would you prefer caring for them with us!

Our company produces a collection of agents for root, leaf and combined plant nourishment.Because we have lifelong experience in cultivating various plants, including orchids and many years of experience in operating a plant tissue culture laboratory, we exploit this knowledge and experience when working on and producing our fertilisers. Hence we can fulfil even the highest demands of the most sensitive plants.
All the fertilisers we produce contain three components - mineral, organic and supporting.

The mineral component provides all the necessary macro and micro-elements - patented by a procedure containing magnesium and calcium. The organic component has a complex creative effect and improves the absorption qualities of the substrate in which plants grow while the supporting component contains plant stimulants and other substances which in a small amount have a great effect on the energy balance inside the plant cell and thereby activate the plant to create a better root system, a more rapid passage of nutrients and their better nourishment.

Incidentally world trends in the production of modern fertilisers - for example in Japan, totally confirm our procedure and experience with amateur and professional growers, including farmers.

The company EXPLANTEX ®Vondruš produces a range of agents for plant nourishment:
New RN, LN and CLN.

CN – root nourishment
LN – leaf nourishment
CLN – combined nourishment

New – CN Universal - it can be used on greenhouse cultures (pot plants, chrysanthemums, carnations, gerberas, gloxinias), but also outdoor cultures (grapevine, oats, vegetables, decorative and useful woody plants, perennials and annuals). Appropriate for use in propagators for herbal and wooden cuttings.
New – LN Universal - in view of its kind effect, it can be used to fertilise the leaf not only of common house plants, citrus fruits, orchids, subtropical and tropical plants with decorative leaves as well as vegetables.  
New – CN Geranium - for nourishment of balcony plants by watering. Supports blossoming, successfully used on geraniums as well as petunias, salvias, other annuals, biennials and perennials cultivated in boxes and beds.  
New – CN Fruit - for nourishment of fruit-bearing vegetables. It promotes growth and overall increase in yields. It can be used on fruit-bearing vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, marrows, pumpkins) and similar cultivated plants.  
New – CN Rose - for the nourishment of all species of roses by watering. For roses cultivated for cutting, the fertiliser may also be used for leaf spraying - reduces the formation of side shoots and promotes the growth of individual flower shoots.  
New – CN Rhododendron - for the nourishment of heath plants and rhododendrons for the nourishment of heath plants and rhododendrons by watering. The fertilizer can be used on heath, heather, azaleas and rhododendrons.  
New – CN Conifer - for nourishment by watering. It can be used for conifers during their growing season as well as on young plants of deciduous trees and bushes.  
New – CLN Onion - for nourishment of all varieties of onion, garlic and decorative bulbs by watering and leaf spray.  
New – CLN Strawberry - for fertilising the strawberry plant by watering and leaf spray. Promotes active plant growth. Appropriate for spring and autumnal fertilisation.  
New – CLN Lawn - for nourishment of all types of lawns during the growing season. Promotes the growth of rich, well-rooted turf and creation of offshoots.  
New – CLN Special - fertiliser with increased content of potassium and phosphorus. Appropriate for all-year nourishment of bonsais, cacti and succulents. Promotes ripening of plants and their frost-resistance.  

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